January 2020 Update

January 2020 Update

2020 – The Year we Open

We’re well into 2020 now and while there’s still a few months to go, opening day will be on us before we know it.Our official opening (assuming no further delays) will be on Saturday 2nd May and we’ll be letting you know the details of our opening event (everyone’s invited) in a future update.

In the meantime, here’s how things have been progressing;

Lounge Bar Design

Our interior designers the IAD Company have now finished the design for the lounge bar, with the rest of the spaces also coming together nicely.

Progress on Construction

Nothing is ever certain when it comes to dates on a construction project but we’re confident enough now to commit to the 2nd of May.Outside, the building is completely weather tight and the mechanical and electrical work inside is well underway. Heating and lighting in the hall is 95% complete, the netting is in and our (as yet not working) dividing partition for the Hall arrived from Sweden a few weeks ago. We’re sure it’ll be working soon.

The solar panels went on before Christmas and the remaining big work packages like the lift, the boilers etc are scheduled for February and March. After that it’s decoration and the remaining building systems (CCTV, Access Control, Data Network). The Electricity, Gas and Water connections have all been completed in the last week.

It’s starting to feel like the home straight. Board discussions are now much more about operations than the project itself which is a good sign we’re getting closer to opening day.

Before May 1st we’ll be opening the Sports / Community Hall. The plan was to open that at the end of January / start of February. We’re still not open (we’ve had and still have an issue with the dividing partiiton in the hall) but we’re told a solution is in sight. As soon as that issue is resolved we’ll have the floor down.

We were also successful, just before Christmas, in obtaining funding for the equipment in the hall and so brand new badminton nets and posts, table tennis tables, football goals, cricket and short mat bowling equipment will be arriving over the next few weeks.

Next Period

We’re expecting to get the online booking system up and running in February (we’ll let you know as soon as it is) and it’s full steam ahead with the mechanical and electrical works while our Interior Designers crack on with ordering the furniture.That’s it for now but as always, if you want to know anything further in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to give me a shout. I hope you have a great weekend.