February Update

February Update

It’s been a busy 3 months since our last update and while the weather hasn’t been great through the winter we haven’t lost too much time. Work remains on schedule to finish before the end of 2019 and here’s what we’ve been up to…


Progress on Site

Today work commenced on power-floating the concrete floors. Over 100 cubic meters of concrete will be poured over the next few days and completion of the floor represents a significant milestone for the project.

The walls are also beginning to take shape, particularly at the Library end of the building (adjacent to the main car park).


We’ve finalised the design for our new kitchen and you can see the layout below. This will be a huge improvement on the facilities in the old Athletic Club and the kitchen is a key part of ensuring we can provide high quality catering for community events and functions.


Audits and Funding

Over the winder we were chosen for an audit both by Welsh Government and the BIG Lottery Programme. Representatives visited site and held a formal meeting with representatives from the Board. I’m pleased to say that we successfully came through both processes without any problems.

The representatives from both organisation were very complimentary about the Community Hub Project and both confirmed that this was the largest project being funded through either scheme in Wales. It’s great to know that we’re leading the way in Neyland.

Next Period

We’re expecting to see real progress made on the super-structure once the floor has gone down. We’re also expecting the interior design for the new Library to be released in the next update so look out for that.

In summary, we’re continuing to make good progress but as always if you want to know anything further please don’t hesitate to give me a shout.